Take Charge of Parkinson’s

Take charge of Parkinson's Disease with Parkinson's Toolbox for iOS

Parkinson’s LifeKit helps you optimize your health by tracking your Parkinson’s symptoms and finding patterns over time. You can use the app daily to track physical movement, cognitive function, and emotional state. Keep a journal of your thoughts, get medication reminders, and create reports for your doctor. Parkinson’s LifeKit is your simple-to-use nerve center for managing your progression.

Parkinson’s LifeKit was designed BY the Parkinson’s community FOR the Parkinson’s community. It was designed with input from patients, caretakers, neurologists, physical therapists, and brain researchers. The app’s functionality represents the cutting edge in Parkinson’s research and disease tracking. Regain control by understanding how your body changes each day, measuring how it reacts to exercise, timing of medication, and sleep.

The app uses activities and tests you can perform daily to track your illness on different levels. The finger tap test is a well-researched stand-in for overall central nervous system health. The Stroop-style cognition test is able to measure overall cognitive health. A specialized voice test measures the ability for vocal chords to produce a wide dynamic range of loudness. The mental health test measures your current emotional state and can track your mood over time. Use together with Apple’s Health app to track daily step count and active minutes.

Why this app costs money. There are several Parkinson’s apps available for free, but there is always a catch. Unlike many free apps, we are not funded by a non-profit or by big pharma. We DO NOT collect your data for research – in fact, your data never leaves your device. You pay for the app once and it is yours forever. There are no subscriptions, in-app purchases, advertisements, or hidden costs. Buying this app means you are supporting small business and directly funding new research.

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